Imagine your close friends and family could photograph your day; what would be the story they would tell? Would they be rigidly and awkwardly posed or authentic, romantic and genuinely reflective of your wedding? We know which we prefer the sound of!

When we started Fitzpatrick Photography, we immediately knew the stories we wanted to tell and set out to capture our couples weddings, not as photographers, but as their friends. Authentic, genuine with more than a touch of romance.

We’re the Fitzpatricks

as invested in our couples, love stories as they are.

Hi we are Mat & Julia, AKA The Fitzpatricks, a married couple, hopeless romantics and who love nothing more than celebrating weddings with our couples.

Fitzpatrick Photography was born from the desire to capture our couples weddings with the same love and attention to detail we dreamed of for ours . In essence we are as invested in your day as you!


Everything up to this point has been, fun, romantic and exciting! Yet when it comes to choosing your photographer you are frequently confronted with a confusing myriad of packages, with varying prices. Forcing the stressful question how do you find the perfect photographer?


Romantic, Authentic & Modern Story Telling. Wedding Photography for Couples who value Real

You are unique, and you don’t comfortably fit into any predefined box or package. So getting to know you and your story is at the very centre of our approach.

Our goal is to capture your day through the eyes of your closest family and loved ones. The moments that really matter, those goosebumps-inducing memories, and instances that will spark laughter and tears, for years to come.



We treasure telling stories and as hopeless romantics, can’t imagine anything better than telling love stories. We are helplessly invested in our couples’ wedding days and have been known to cry through readings, choked up during speeches or even partying on the dance floor, long after we should have left!

Our goal is to create memories that blend the carefully crafted with the unfiltered, the posed with the genuine, and create a timeless story of your wedding day.

For more than a decade, we have been honoured to witness and capture the extraordinary journey of our adventurous and remarkable couples as they celebrate their love.

I developed my style shooting documentary projects worldwide, looking for stories on the roads less travelled; some of of my travel photography can be seen here.


  • TRAVEller
  • Curious Dreamer

Yes with one T. Over the 25 years since my “formal” art education, I have traveled and photographed more than 45 countries. I am driven by insatiable curiosity and a deep-seated wanderlust

An eternal student, and fuelled almost entirely by caffeine I find myself endlessly pursuing the story, to understand ‘why,’ and better appreciate the world around me. I have always been contrarian, and hate following the crowd.


  • photographer
  • Detail Orinatated
  • animal lover

Mats love of travel and telling stories is contagious,! Yet my OCD for detail and structure, does appear to have rubbed off on him!

We see the world though similar but different eyes. While Mat is fascinated by the story I truly love all the little details at weddings. For me these really matter, they are the choice you have made as a couple and used to tell something about who you are. They are the icing on the cake, or the sprinkle of glitter that makes a the day truly yours!

Conscientious Explores

Julia and I share a profound passion for conservation and a deep curiosity about the world around us. Our journeys have led us across the globe, where we’ve had the privilege of meeting incredible people, shared fascinating stories and participated in some truly inspiring projects .

Each adventure not only deepens our commitment to our environment but also enriches our understanding of the intricate tapestry of global cultures and ecosystems.


Seven days in the unforgettable remote jungles of Northern Thailand, with elephants!

In 2016, we traveled to the remote Jungles of Northern Thailand to volunteer with the Elephant Nature Park. A once in a life time experience to not only witness the elephants foraging in there natural environment and interacting with each other, but live amongst the people of the local hill tribes.

Journey to Freedom was a initiative put together by the Elephant Nature Park to support the Karen hill tribes in returning the elephants home to live in the jungle. The projects long term goal is supporting the shift towards responsible, ethical elephant tourism in Thailand.

11 Random Facts

A Princess In Shining Armour

Over 20 years ago Julia rescued me from a toxic relationship and started the long journey towards mending me. Apparently I am still a work in progress!

I Proposed

Breaking a vow that I would never get married (again) 3 months later and totally unplanned I proposed to Julia. It was the best decision I have ever made!

We Still Really Love Each Other

Whenever we are on holiday we are constantly asked if we are on honeymoon? According to some, infatuation isn’t meant to last this long, we disagree!

Parents To A Great Dane

Neither of us will agree whose decision this was, but in 2018 we picked up and brought home our Great Dane pup Logan. Not the perfect lap dog at 70kg + but nobody has told him that (He’s sensitive)!

We Can’t Watch TV Together

Julia loves American Dramas like Greys Anatomy & House, I love Sci Fi & comedy so anything Star Wars (including the animated series) and Big The Bang. Basically we hate each others choice in TV shows, but then opposites do attract.

A Failed Bad Influence

In 2017 we welcomed our granddaughter into the family and I (Mat) have endeavoured to be the perfect bad influence from day one! At aged 6 she now has both me and Julia wrapped firmly around her little finger, and is a much better influence!

Mat Can’t Take A Decent Selfie

I am 100% happier behind the camera than in front of it, and have never taken a selfie I am happy with. The back of my head isn’t perfect for social media, but its defiantly my preferred angle!

A Contagious Wunderlust

Mat’s love of travel is contagious. Before we met, he had already ticked off more countries than most but has now visited more than 45 different countries. One of our favourite holidays was sailing the Greek Ionian Isles.

Disco Mat

Mat is known internationally within the photography community as “Disco Mat”. This is despite being completely devoid of rhythm, and repeated requests by me to “Never Dance Again”.

Mixing It

Julia has a fondness for cocktails, with the Porn Star Martini a particular favourite. While Mat is fuelled by caffeine (I’m usually the designated driver), Julia is fuelled by Prosecco and cocktails.

Food Glorious Food

We both love to cook, but struggle to pick a favourite dish! Stone-baked Pizza, Curry, and Thai are all good options, but for Mat authentic Vietnamese Pho probably takes first place, for Julia it’s Calamari

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Capturing extraordinary journeys of adventurous couples.

Carefully crafting the unfiltered and the posed with the genuine. Our goal is to authentically document the narrative of your day. We place the utmost importance on your experience and the significance of our work. With a focus on preserving fleeting moments and often overlooked details employing the same principles and techniques that define our signature wedding photography style.

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