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Frequently Asked Questions



YES! In fact, this is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from our couples, so rest assured you are not alone.

Weddings are among the few occasions we feel compelled to stand in front of the lens. Still, most couples seek us for our magical, natural-feeling photography. The key to achieving these natural moments relies on detailed planning and communication behind the scenes. But for our couples, our approach is focused solely on allowing you to show your true love for each other, which will be reflected in your photos. Over the past decade, we have developed a unique approach to ensuring our couples feel natural and relaxed. You might even find you actually ENJOY having your photographs taken! In truth, you won't even realise the cameras are there for most of your wedding day! If your are really nervous an engagement shoot maybe the perfect solution

We have learned over the years that each and every wedding is as unique as you both are as a couple. Because of this, we quote each and every wedding elopement and portrait session on an individual basis unique to you. If you would like to discuss your own unique wedding plans, please get in touch, and we would love to hear more.


Absolutely. We can happily tailor any collection to best suit your celebration. Please email us your wish list. We will follow up with a bespoke collection for your review.

Is travel/accommodation included in your pricing?

Do you work with a second shooter?

We understand that each wedding is special and different, so we would love to know your plans before we talk about travel arrangements. For most UK weddings, travel expenses are usually covered. However, for destination weddings, we will provide a personalised quote based on the location and the number of days we will be shooting. The travel cost will be added to your package, and we will handle all the travel arrangements unless you specify otherwise.

The short answer is — kind of. Julia, is my wife, business partner and fellow adventurer, and we shoot all weddings together as a team. Julia is, however, much more than a second photographer! At most weddings, she is instantly adopted as an honorary bridesmaid, bringing a sense of calm and experience to every morning. She brings her own unique perspective and eye for detail as shoots pivotal moments like the ceremony, reception decor, first dance, cake cutting, etc.


What happens if you get sick of have an emergency?

The decision to have an engagement shoot is entirely up to you, and I offer it as an optional add-on. There are some benefits to consider, such as feeling more comfortable in front of the camera and having beautiful images to use for your wedding stationery or display at the wedding itself. It's also an opportunity to be more creative since we have more time during the shoot, usually around 1 to 2 hours. Having an engagement shoot beforehand can help you feel more relaxed on your wedding day.

In over a decade of photographing weddings, we have not had a situation that meant we couldn't cover a wedding. While we hope (knock on wood) that this continues for the next decade, we know the unexpected can and does happen! Should unforeseen circumstances prevent us from attending your wedding, we will do our best to arrange a replacement photographer of equivalent calibre and style. With over a decade in the industry, we have a strong network to aid in such an unlikely circumstance. Alternatively, we would return your full investment and allow you to make your own arrangements if you so choose.

What is your approach in capturing the wedding story?

Do we provide you a meal on the day?

We love being hands-on and having lots of involvement when creating your perfect wedding day timeline. This allows us to share our knowledge with you and ensuring the lighting is perfect for every moment of your day. If you are working with a wedding planner, we will happily work with them to curate the ideal timeline. This will provide ample time to capture all the magical photos you desire while including buffers to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. We focus on directing artistic shots, and capturing styled details and portraits while also documenting organic moments through photojournalistic coverage. The final product is a beautiful balance of people, details, and emotions.

Weddings can be exceptionally long days, and the offer of being fed and watered is always really appreciated. However, we never request anything special, so whatever is easiest for you and your caterers. For example, suppose you have a formal sit-down wedding breakfast. In that case, this time is usually used by us to re-charge, scout evening portrait locations or to capture some additional location photos. But 2 and even 3-course meals leave us little time. Therefore, most venues and caterers will offer a smaller vendor meal option.



As photographers specialising in international and destination weddings, we often have the opportunity to shoot at new venues. We find this exciting because it allows us to approach each wedding with a fresh perspective and a desire to be creative rather than just going through the typical motions. Every wedding is unique, and we strive to capture the story of each one rather than just focusing on the location. We appreciate how every element of your wedding day, including the weather and lighting, will be unique to your day as it keeps us creatively inspired and enables us to capture your one-of-a-kind wedding story.

We believe you should be able to share your wedding photos with as many people as you wish. Therefore, all your edited images will be uploaded to an online digital gallery, accessible via your own unique link. We will also provide you with a second link to share with all your friends and family so they can view your entire collection of stunning photographs. Friends and family will also have the option to order prints via our preferred professional print lab. These photos will be printed on high-quality paper stock with full-colour calibration showing your photographs to their best!

Should We make a "shot list" of our desired photos?

Who should be included in our family photos?

You already have enough to be thinking about! Our meticulous approach guarantees you'll receive photos covering every aspect of your wedding. Probably more than you could ever need or want! However, we suggest informing us of any specific individuals, planned events, or distinctive features you want us to capture that we may need to be made aware of. All these details will be added to your personalised wedding plan. When you're getting ready in the bridal suite, please have your rings, dress, shoes, jewellery, and any other sentimental items you want in the photographs ready. We'll spend the initial two hours of our coverage photographing your details and final hair/makeup.

We will first photograph you with your parents, siblings, and grandparents (if they are present). If you have any other groupings beyond your immediate family, please let us know so we can add them to your personalised wedding, and we can schedule our time accordingly. Also, if there are any special groupings due to family circumstances such as divorce or stepparents, kindly inform us so that we can properly acknowledge and include all the significant relationships in your life.

How many images will we get?

When will you arrive to our wedding location?

We carefully choose and edit the best photos to showcase in our online gallery. Typically, around 80-100 images per hour of coverage, ensuring that each one has excellent content and composition. We only include the highest-quality shots from different angles and don't use photos with unflattering expressions, blurs, or blinking. Additionally, we enhance the colour and exposure of all final images before displaying them in the online gallery.

If we are travelling more than 2 hours, we always plan to arrive on location at least the morning before the wedding or the first event we’re shooting. However, we often arrive several days prior for international and destination weddings. This allows for any travel delays and allows us to get acclimatised to the area, including scouting the wedding and shooting locations. During scouting, we often begin taking location and “scene” shots, which help narrate the complete story of your wedding.

What if it rains?

Although rain on your wedding day is considered lucky, it's certainly not what we hope for. However, we have ample experience handling weather-related challenges, and some of our proudest work is from rainy celebrations. In addition, we work closely with your wedding planner to develop multiple backup plans and contingencies. Ultimately, in these circumstances, this is when our experience, expertise and resourcefulness pay off in dividends.

How do you ensure that you stay on schedule during the day?

Staying on schedule is one of the most important factors of our work. We collaborate closely with your wedding planner or coordinator to design a personalised photo timeline for each day, down to the minute. Following this timeline guarantees that we capture all the amazing moments and intricate details of your celebration under the best lighting conditions.

What are image turnaround times?

We specialise in producing exquisite art using only the best methods and quality products. Our attention to detail is unmatched, and we take great care in selecting and showcasing each project we photograph. Our turnaround time for engagement and portrait sessions is typically 4 to 6 weeks, while wedding images may take up to 6 to 8 weeks.

Do you watermark your images?

We strongly dislike the watermark process as simply ruins the artwork we have created. However, having our work recognised for marketing purposes is, unfortunately, influential in helping other couples find uis. Therefore, if you decide to share your images on social media (we hope you will), we kindly request that you tag us. We always greatly appreciate it.

What are image turnaround times?

We do not provide unedited images. Hopefully, You are hiring the FITZPATRICKS for our unique style, combining our photography and editing skills. As professional photographers, we do not share any unfinished work.


If you feel a connection with us and our photography and would love us to capture the story of your wedding day, all the goosebumps and happy tears and everything in between, then get in touch. We can then check your date in our diary and schedule your initial consultation. Photography is one of the first things people book (in some cases, I've been booked before the venue!), and our diary always books up quickly!

Do we have any paperwork to fill in?

es, but only a tiny amount! We will put everything together in writing once we have had our initial consultation and curated your personalised package. You will then be able to review this electronically, confirm everything is as discussed and sign the contract online. As soon as this is signed, you will have access to your pre-wedding questionnaire, which we will use as our go-to document for your day. The agreement must be signed, as this can be a long relationship, with some couples booking us more than 2 years in advance.

Do you require a booking fee?

To secure your special day, you'll need to pay a non-refundable fee of £300. This fee covers administration, contract creation, and any phone calls leading up to the booking. It also ensures that no other bookings are taken for your chosen date and will be deducted from your balance. Unfortunately, we cannot hold dates without a booking fee or your paperwork completed. If you're interested in booking with the FITZPATRICKS, please let us know as soon as possible. Please be mindful that there may be multiple inquiries for the same date. We don't want to disappoint anyone, so please don't assume we are holding your date without confirmation.

Are we able to pay the amount in instalments?

Yes, we know how expensive weddings can be, and we can set up a personalised instalment plan to suit. This will be built into your personalised quote, complete with email reminders. This can be discussed in detail during your initial consultation.

Do we have a meeting beforehand?

Once you have paid your booking fee and we have reserved your date in our diary, you will have unrestricted access to us. You can call or message us at any time. We understand that most of our couples have limited experience in planning weddings, so feel free to ask us any questions related to your wedding, even if they are not related to photography. A month before your wedding, we would like to have a meeting with you, either in person or via Zoom/WhatsApp, to go over the schedule for the day, shot lists for groups, and any other requirements and questions you may have.



Work with a skilled wedding planner

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events filled with elegant details, timelines, loved ones, and lots of emotions. A wedding coordinator can elevate your vision to the next level, surpassing even your wildest expectations and allow you a stress-free wedding day that feels like a dream come true.

We always collaborate closely with our couples' wedding planners and coordinators to guarantee that we document all the stunning aspects of their wedding day. Working with a skilled planner makes photographing your wedding much smoother and more effective, as we can concentrate on creating stunning imagery while trusting the planner to handle the wedding logistics. Some of our favourite wedding planners/designers include:



Don't skip an engagement session

Photographing international and destination weddings means our couples live all over the world. Therefore it's not always possible to meet in person during the booking process. Engagement sessions, however, allow us to get to know each other better and for our couples to feel relaxed in front of the camera. They also allow you the experience of being photographed together. We love photographing engagement sessions and find they help alleviate any potential anxiety on the wedding day. Additionally, engagement sessions are a fun way for us to create stunning and adventurous images without the limitations that come with a wedding day.


Know the sunset time

In order to capture the best possible images on your wedding day, we like to discuss the timeline for photos early on in the planning process. To achieve our preferred style of photography, which involves natural lighting, we aim to capture all important details, decorations, and portraits in daylight. Working alongside your wedding planner or coordinator, we can plan your timeline around the optimal natural light to ensure your photos look stunning and timeless. Where possible, we recommend checking the sunset time for your wedding day and visiting the location in advance to observe the natural lighting throughout the day. This will allow us to select the best times for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.


Create a realistic wedding day timeline

If you are looking for a relaxed, stress-free wedding full of magical moments perfect for photography, having a realistic wedding day timeline that you stick to is crucial. Minor delays, in moments such as hair and makeup, can throw off your entire schedule and affect the time available for pre-ceremony portraits. Hair and makeup trials (we highly recommend these) before the wedding will give you a much better indication of the time needed. In addition, adding buffers to the timeline around critical moments on your wedding day can easily remove unnecessary stress. Any unused time can be used to relax with a beautiful glass of champagne before the ceremony.


Choose a beautiful location to get ready

Our first few hours of wedding photography will likely be of you getting ready. Whether you choose a bridal suite, hotel room or another location, consider the backdrop for your images. This is where we will photograph most of your details and initial portraits. A spacious open space full of natural light will help elevate your photos. We recommend choosing a space with a similar decor and feel to your wedding where possible so that the images flow with the rest of the day.


Details matter

Your wedding will be full of small yet important details that you have curated to make your wedding unique to you. We love capturing all these details as still-life photos for you to look back on and remember as part of your story. While you are getting ready is the perfect opportunity to photograph these, so please have these prepared in advance. These details include the complete paper/invitation suite in excellent condition with your preferred calligraphy/addressing/stamps, welcome bag, favour, all paper products, dress, shoes, all wedding rings, and any other details from your day that you would like photographed. We love styling these elements with any meaningful pieces that you provide. Consider family heirlooms, jewellery, ribbon, fabric and other items that enhance your images. Please have your wedding and bridal details in the bridal suite where you're getting ready so we can capture them when we arrive.


Consider a cell phone-free ceremony

We have all seen images online of the "perfect" wedding moment blocked by someone's phone or iPad. While we get your guest's desire to capture your wedding for themselves, phones and iPads can become real obstacles for us capturing your day. It's not uncommon to find at least one guest trying to capture your wedding with a phone, tablet, or their own camera. These devices then end up in your wedding photos and create unsightly distractions while at the same time blocking the faces and emotions of you and your guests.

Tip: Consider asking your officiant to make an announcement just before the start of the ceremony to request that guests put away their cameras and devices and be present during the ceremony.


Enjoy & Trust Us

Before booking with us, it's crucial that we get to know you and your wedding day as much as possible. We want to learn about your personalities, family, and background to understand your love story and who you are. In addition, our engagement session will give you a taste of what to expect on your big day. So, just relax, be yourselves, and leave the rest to us.

We’d love to hear more about your upcoming adventure. Let's create something beautiful together.