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How Many Wedding Sparklers Should I Buy? Once we have decided that we would like to have sparklers at our wedding, the next question is usually, how many wedding sparklers should I buy?

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The first question should be, how do we want to use them. We recommend first checking out our comprehensive guide to wedding sparklers, including 7 mistakes and how to avoid them. Once you have this information, you can start planning what and how many to buy. Then, if you’re ready, read on. 

When Should We Use Our Wedding Sparklers?

While sparklers don’t need to be limited to just your exit, indoor sparklers come with a new level of risk and complexity. So unless your first dance, cake cutting, or wedding speeches are going to be outside, we suggest focusing on the exit, plus a few for fun. 

How Big Should The Wedding Sparklers Be? 

The next question is size. Of course, most of us are familiar with the standard-sized sparkers best associated with bonfire night. Still, there are far more options than you may realise.  

The size and type (yes, there is more than one type) of wedding sparklers will affect how long they burn. 

Wedding Sparkler SizeWedding Sparkler Burn Time
18″ Inch Sparklers 1 minute 40 seconds burn time
16″ Inch Sparklers1 minute 20 seconds burn time
14″ Inch Sparklers 1 minute burn time
10″ Inch Sparklers 55 seconds burn time

It is almost impossible for everyone to have their sparklers lit and ready to go simultaneously, so even with 18″ sparklers, you are limited to around 60 seconds of photos. Just enough time if you plan to do a dip and kiss. So no surprise, it is a wedding favourite.

How Many Sparklers Should I Buy For an Exit?

While dusk lighting works well, we want to avoid doing sparklers in the middle of the day. Therefore you will likely be planning your wedding sparklers after the meal and speeches but before everyone gets too tipsy! 

At most weddings, some guests are likely to leave before the evening fun begins, which can be up to 10%. But, while some of the daytime guests may be starting to head home, your evening guest may be beginning to arrive. Therefore you will need to make some guesses about who these might be.

Once you have the number of likely participants and know the type of sparkler you are interested in, you can start doing some math. But don’t worry, we have done most of it for you.

50 Guest100 Guest150 Guest200 Guest250 Guest
18″ Inch Sparklers50100150200250
16″ Inch Sparklers100200300400500
10″ Inch Sparklers 150300450600750

This gives each guest approximately 3 minutes worth of fun with the sparklers and plenty of time to get some fantastic photos. 

Where Do We Buy Our Wedding Sparklers?

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