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Leasowe Castle is a stunning wedding venue on the Wirral Peninsula, watching out over the Irish Sea. Built in 1593 by Ferdinando, the 5th Earl of Derby and second heir to the English throne, it was initially called "New Hall", with his primary residence being Knowsley Hall. The original building consisted of a simple octagonal tower, somewhat smaller than the Old Hall in Knowsley. Although never intended as a fortified castle, its door was six feet above the ground for security and to protect against high tides with walls one meter thick!

Ferdinando was a patron of many contemporary writers, including William Shakespeare. His brother William was described as a noted sportsman and keen supporter of horse racing. William was particularly a fan of the Wallasey races, a forerunner to the Derby, which took place on the sands close by in the 16th and 17th centuries. Whether New Hall was intended as a venue for the arts and entertainment or simply somewhere to watch the races is still debated today.

In the subsequent years, the Hall passed through several hands, being extended and modified. Finally, in 1836 the ceiling and panelling of the Star Chamber from the Palace of Westminster were brought to Leasowe. While the panelling was removed in 1983, the ceiling and four tapestries depicting the four seasons remain.

Today this romantic venue looks out over the Leasowe Golf Courses and coastline as the Wirrals' only Castle.

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Too often, couples regret feeling overly posed or awkward, their day photographed not captured, and apprehensive about their wedding photography.

Over ten years ago, we set out to challenge this, to put our couple's experience and the forefront of our wedding photography and what we created was truly magic!

The style of wedding photography we created was authentic and intentional. Neither pure documentary nor entirely staged, but a blend that captured our couples in spirit and essence. Light, when understood, and be used like an artist paints to create something magical, capturing reality but in a way you may never have seen before!

While traditionally staged group photos may not be your thing, rarely are we not asked to take a few. Even when it's simply keeping the family happy, we are always willing to round up a few group shots if asked.

" Mat & Julia, created Fitzpatrick Photography to put you their couples at the heart of your wedding experience. They succeeded in creating a truly unique & luxury service"


Exclusively yours, including 47 deluxe rooms for you and your guest. The stunning Leasowe Castle hotel boasts 2 luxury four-poster bedrooms, complete with original 16th-century ornamentals fireplaces and magnificent bathrooms with a double-ended spa bath. In addition, this venue offers several rooms with spectacular sea views over the views of the Wirral estuary & Irish sea. Friends and family travelling with children will appreciate the six family rooms offering King and Single beds.
As of 2022, guests will be offered a 20% reduction on the room rate when booking as part of a wedding.

If you are looking to get married in Liverpool, but dont know where to start check out we have created our own guide including 5 Tips for this amazing city.

Winter Wedding at Leasowe Castle


When choosing your Liverpool wedding venue, there are plenty of reasons to think about a Wirral Peninsula. So close to Liverpool and Chester, there are plenty of options for transport and accommodation, coupled with stunning sea views and miles of open countryside. It may be no surprise then that the Wirral Peninsula is also home to some of the most stunning wedding venues in the North West.

On the very edge of the Wirral coastline, Leasowe castle traces its history back to the 16th century. Built to delight and entertain, this venue succeeded for over 400 years and continues to this day. So if you are looking for your own castle within which to say I DO, Leasowe castle certainly deserves your consideration.

Multi-cultural wedding at Leasowe Castle


Leasowe castle traces its history as far back as 1593 and the 5th Earl of Derby. Retaining many of its historical features, this stunning venue can be exclusively yours to celebrate your wedding. With stunning views across the Wirral Estuary and the Irish Sea, there are few better places to watch the sunset.

This gorgeous Liverpool venue is the perfect setting for your romantic story and a photographer's dream. But, for the perfect experience, you and your photographer must be looking to tell the same story. This is why we have put communication at the heart of your experience with us. We organise an engagement session with each couple, not just to create some fantastic photos but to get to know our couples and listen to their wewedding dreams.


To get all the latest information on Leasowa Castle or book a viewing of their stunning venue speak to the team directly and they will offer you all the guidance you will need Leasowe Castle Weddings

Fitzpatrick Photography came about from the idea of doing something different!

To move away from the traditionally uncomfortable, staged wedding photos we all know so well! Instead, we wanted to create memories, authentic, emotional and genuine mementoes of each day. To Photograph how we knew we would want to be photographed!

To help with your wedding planning we have put together a comprehensive 32 step guide taking you every step of the way from picking your venue, to last minute details. Wedding planning, shouldn't be stressful, and we would love to join you on your journey from saying "Yes" to "I Do"

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