Black and White Wedding Photos

Black and White Wedding Photo

Colours. They paint our vision and beautify our horizons. It is quite impossible to imagine the world without them, isn’t it? Simply, it would feel strange. But does this mean that the black and white wedding photos by losing their colours will lose a lot from their emotions?

Black and white photos have been there first. They are the oldest and most well-documented formats of photography. But somehow, despite the arrival of colour film in 1935, they are still included in various styles, maintaining their poetry in the world of photography. They have a distinct beauty that can be thought-provoking, emotive even feel contemporary, but why?
Black and White Wedding Photos

When we look at black and white images, we are faced with something unfamiliar to our eyes to a certain degree. What you see feels familiar yet makes you want to explore the depths of this light and shadow play. The image will feel instantly more dramatic, the composition stronger and the subject clearer. Often with photos in colour, some elements might feel distracting, while in this kind of photography – the eye of the beholder is pulled towards looking deeper into each photo. The magic is in the simplicity of black and white – the people and their emotions ensnare your focus without any distraction.

Processing images in black and white can be a beautiful addition to your love story. They lure the viewer to immerse into their poetry, being taken by the raw, natural and uninhibited moment between a couple. A new yet familiar perspective on the wedding day documentary that separates precious moments. Emotive black and white documentary wedding photography is therefore centred around the human connection, showing it clearly and profoundly. In contrast, colour can draw the viewer’s eye away from the narrative.

The number one reason why many couples want their photos taken in black and white is the certain classic elegance and timelessness of this style. With a vast range between the blackest of blacks and the whitest of whites, bold and colourful makeup won’t be a distracting element, nor the skin discolouration that dissolves into the darkness. The subjects are more natural-looking and simplicity becomes a work of art. You can even see top fashion photographers who have built their entire career on shooting almost completely in black and white. Undoubtedly, it is a style that will continue to exist prominently, having withstood over 170 years of history and numerous trends. In fact, black and white photography has proven to be timeless yet modern – even trending in this new era!

The legacy that was left by some of the greatest photographers such as Yousuf Karsh and Ansel Adams still inspires and encourages all types of reportage wedding photographers to work in black and white. It is a beautiful artful form of expression that will continue to have a strong grip on people’s hearts – no matter whether it comes to common observers, photographers, publishers or the artistic world. It still continues to educate, inspire and move people with its emotional depth.

So my question to you is: why wouldn’t you want to have the most important day of your life captured in this thought-provoking, raw and atmospheric way?

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