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The term wedding content creator may be one you have never even heard. But social media weddings are a growing US trend slowly making its way across to the UK. While currently unique, they will likely become increasingly mainstream over the next few years.

Wedding Content Creator

Of course, being so new, you undoubtedly have many questions; what is it, what do they do and do I need one? Below we will answer as many of these questions as possible, as well as how best to blend them into your wedding.

  1. Wedding Social Media
  2. What is a Wedding Content Creator?
  3. Where Can I Find A Wedding Content Creator?
  4. How Soon Will my Wedding Social Media be Ready?
  5. What Equipment Does A Wedding Content Creator Use?
  6. Does A Wedding Content Creator Replace Other Professionals?
  7. Will My Wedding Content Creator & Other Professionals Work Together?
  8. How Will My Social Media Wedding Content Be Delivered?
  9. What are the benefits of hiring a content creator?
  10. How Much Does a Wedding Content cost?
  11. Can I Create My Own Social Media Wedding Content?

Wedding Social Media

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, like it or loath it, there’s no denying that social media is now part of our everyday lives. We have all seen, and are most likely guilty, of posting content that few others are actually interested in seeing on our timelines. For example, who hasn’t posted a photo of a fantastic plate of food or a gym goal we have achieved? I am personally guilty of both. Although, let’s be honest, more food and less gym-related content tends to find its way onto my timelines! After all, what is social media for if not for sharing our media with our social network?

When it comes to planning our wedding, it is only natural to be excited and want to share this excitement with the world. And if not the world, at least our close friends and family. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc., are full of brides and grooms sharing their complete wedding journey (almost), from the proposal through to the big day.

Posts are uploaded as soon as a decision is made, a venue is secured, and a supplier is booked. Many couples will even create a separate wedding account, sharing their wedding journey with other couples while deliberately keeping elements hidden from friends and family. Nobody wants to spoil all the surprises.

Social Wedding Stories

But on the wedding day, few couples want to take selfies (nothing wrong if you choose to) or have their guests staring at their phone screens. In fact, over the past few years, and certainly pre-COVID, there has been a trend towards unplugged weddings. An idea where guests are actively asked not to use their phones and instead get involved in the celebration. Yes, one aunt/uncle will always fail to get the memo, and you will probably quickly find them in your wedding photos, likely standing directly in front of your wedding photographer.

Your wedding day is when most social wedding stories hit a bump. If you have been posting every step of your wedding journey live, how do you cover the main feature, your wedding day, if you have to wait? Typically, you wait!

Dont text me written in the sand
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Quick Turn Around

Most professional photography and video will take several weeks to edit your day. At any given wedding, we will typically take far more photos than will be delivered. We are not keeping anything from you. It is just that when capturing moments, it’s easier to shoot in a short burst and get the perfect moment rather than wait and hope our fingers are quick enough when it happens. As a result, many photos are repeated and selecting the perfect one takes time. Once we have chosen your images, there is then the job of editing, creating the final album and finally uploading your gallery. Simply put, it takes time!

Occasionally it is possible to share a same-day edit, but these are a small selection and still take time to produce. And time spent editing is time not taking photos!

So what do you do if you want to tell the whole story of your wedding on social media and don’t want your professional photographer to be sat editing or your guest looking at their phones?


What is a Wedding Content Creator?

Wedding party taking photos of guest taking photos of them

Wedding content creators are a recent concept aimed at modern couples who don’t want to miss a single ‘grammable moment of their day. They are the one guest at your wedding allowed to have their phone out and aim to capture your day as your guests see it. Meaning your wedding can stay “unplugged” and your guest phone free, but without sacrificing your wedding social story. Experts in social media, your images are almost instantly ready to share, meaning you don’t have to wait!

Sadly, many wedding stories on TikTok, Instagram and even Facebook simply don’t get finished. Even with the best will in the world to create content, you are likely to get swept up in your wedding day, totally forgetting about your phone. We can’t even say that this is a bad thing!

A professional wedding content creator will ensure your story is finished to the highest standard, even if you never give your phone a second thought.


Where Can I Find A Wedding Content Creator?

Wedding content creators are still a relatively new profession in the UK wedding industry, so who should you speak to for your social media wedding?

The Social Bride Club

Social Media Weddings


How Soon Will my Wedding Social Media be Ready?

Typically less than 24 hrs – Obviously, this depends on the social media wedding expert you choose and the package you go with. However, you can normally expect to receive your photos and videos back quickly and ready for your social media posts.

Bride and groom taking selfie wedding content at the end of the aisle


What Equipment Does A Wedding Content Creator Use?

Typically wedding content creators use high-quality camera phones similar to those used by your and your guests. The process is designed to be as discreet and natural as possible, with the ability to create contact quickly.

Groom and Bridesmaid taking wedding content creator selfie at the Saddleworth Hotel


Does A Wedding Content Creator Replace Other Professionals?

No – The content creators we have seen would say absolutely not! Professional camera bodies, lenses, lighting and audio equipment all work towards creating the best quality content possible but sacrifice size to achieve this. While social media wedding creators typically use discreet recording devices, such as phones, to achieve a guest perspective of your day and the expense of some quality.

It is best to think of your wedding content creator as another supplier for your day. Someone who will work with and alongside your photographer and videographer to capture your day from a unique perspective.

Matthew showing young wedding guest how to take photo


Will My Wedding Content Creator & Other Professionals Work Together?

They Should – At Fitzpatrick Photography we have never had an issue working with another supplier in over ten years! Of course, we can only talk on our behalf, but we would have no problem working alongside a professional content creator. And the key, as always, is communication. 

Content creation has become increasingly crucial regarding audience reach and advertising for many suppliers. As a result, we often find ourselves working alongside makeup artists, hairdressers and even venues looking to create their content, and it has never been an issue for us.

If you have already booked your photographer or videographer, then it is always best to check before bringing in another supplier. Some suppliers have contracts stating they can be the only team working, so it’s best to check early and avoid any stress on the wedding day.

photo showing wedding photographer and videographer working together


How Will My Social Media Wedding Content Be Delivered

How your content will be delivered will depend on which wedding content creator you choose. Some services offer to post their content directly to your preferred feed, meaning you can have live updates to your social media throughout the day. Others will deliver you a gallery of photos and videos to finish in your style before posting, giving you more control.

Couple looking at social media content on tablet


What are the benefits of hiring a content creator?

Obviously, the main idea is that your Tiktok and grammable content will be available far sooner. But there are additional benefits you might not have considered.

Supplier Content Creation

Today it’s not just our couples looking for photos and videos for their social media. For almost every wedding supplier, social media plays a huge part in marketing. Simply put, everyone needs content. Your MUA, Hairstylist, Venue and Florist, and even your photographer (hi there🙂) need content for their social media.

While you should be the first priority for every supplier. If your wedding content creator can share their work, it takes the pressure off everyone else. You won’t have both the MMU and Hairdresser looking to get the same end of prep photos. Your content creator will have them. Likewise, your venue won’t need to get content because your wedding contact creator already has it.

Each bit of time saved may be small, but these do add up over the course of your wedding day. Furthermore, not having to worry about multiple people trying to get content can significantly reduces your stress!

Unplugged means Unplugged

Social media can be addictive, and if we don’t see content from an event we are at, we typically want to share our experiences. No matter how often you tell your guest that the wedding is unplugged, someone will have their phone out! So, to be honest, it is understandable and as awkward as it is when your aunt or uncle decides to stand right in front of the camera at that vital moment. We get it!

Having a wedding content creator at your wedding goes some way towards helping keep phones in pockets, at least for the ceremony. In addition, knowing that social content will be uploaded and available soon removes some of the pressure for others to create it.

We’re not saying having a content creator at your wedding guarantees your guest obeying your unplugged rules, but it can help!



How Much Does a Wedding Content Creator Cost?

Prices for your own wedding social media content creator will start from around £1,200. However, with so many options and add-ons available, prices will vary. As always, it is best to speak to your chosen supplier and create the perfect package for your day.

Marriage budget planning two cute piggy banks as bride and groom


Can I Create My Own Social Media Wedding Content

Yes – Most of the tools needed to create a social media buzz around your wedding are readily available. In fact, if you or any of your guests have access to a mobile (a daft statement, I know), you’re already more than halfway there. The one item that is always an issue, however, is the time!

To create unique social wedding content and the most viral buzz online, you are going to need time, lots of time! k To be honest, creating good content isn’t impossible. However, creating excellent content and managing when and how that content is shared for maximum impact is tricky! Below we will look at some of the steps and tools available to make things a little easier.


No, we are not talking about an expensive media budget, but whichever social method you choose, let everyone know, and early! The longer people know about your social media strategy and are actively involved, the more likely they will use it.

So whichever method you decide to use, make sure you advertise it. Wherever possible, include details in your save the dates, invites, as well as any signs you may have up on your wedding day.

Wedding sign at Saddleworth Hotel


While Facebook may no longer (showing my age) be the cool place to hang out and post social media, it still has one or two nifty features that can help! However, I still refuse to call it Meta!

Facebook Groups

While Facebooks pages were designed for business content, Facebook groups were intended to be more community focused. As a result, most of us have probably joined a group or two over the years, even if we are no longer active on the site.

Facebook groups are free to create, they can be public or private, and you can choose who you would like to invite. Once you have set up your group and invited followers, you can start building excitement.

Share whatever you want, details about your plans, sneak peeks from suppliers, stag and hen do photos if you’re brave enough! Then, closer to the day, you can use the same group for sharing details such as times and hotel details.

Encourage your guest to get into the habit of sharing their wedding related content in the group as well. Photos from shopping trips, girls’ days out, or the guys’ suit shopping.

On your wedding day, you can live stream your ceremony, speeches, or any part of the day directly to the group. There is no required expensive setup, simply a phone and a decent internet connection. Ask guests to share any photos or videos they take directly to the group (they should already be members by this point). As soon as a photo or video is added, it can be seen by everyone in the group.

Facebook is the one app that almost everyone has on their phone and knows how to use. This, along with the ability to be able to share public and private content made up of text, images and video, makes it a great choice for your wedding related social content.

Instagram Wedding Social Media

Instagram was once the go-to place for sharing wedding content #shamy and can still be a good option.

Lots of couples still use Instagram to create private pages where they can keep up to date and share their wedding planning. Guests, however, are usually not invited, so the wedding day is full of surprises.

While Instagram does not have the same method for creating groups and inviting active group members, it is now a lot easier to tag people in photos.

Stories and reels are probably best recorded during the wedding, then edited and uploaded in the days and weeks that follow.

If you already have a large following on Instagram who you want to share your day with and don’t mind reposting content you are tagged in, then this may be a good option.

Couple watching fireworks at Craxton Hall, Cheshire

TikTok Wedding Social Media

It is possible to record, edit and post short TikToks on the day any longer wedding content is possibly best posted in the days and weeks after the wedding. This will give you time to enjoy before editing and uploading for your followers.

These are just a few easy and free methods for creating and sharing your own wedding social media.


To help with your wedding planning we have put together a comprehensive 32 step guide taking you every step of the way from picking your venue, to last minute details. Wedding planning, shouldn’t be stressful, and we would love to join you on your journey from saying “Yes” to “I Do”

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